Shower Thoughts

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I came up with 10 awesome shower thoughts for you guys!

  • Place 10
    If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does 2 apples do? Keep the dentist away?
  • Place 9
    Writer's Block is when you cannot think up ideas, so it could really be applied to anyone.
  • Place 8
    The fact that cards are organized in numerical order is really inconvenient for the shuffler.

  • Place 7
    2nd place is 1st loser, which would make it a winner and 3rd place 1st loser.
  • Place 6
    When 2D figures watch cartoons, shouldn't the cartoons be in 1D?
  • Place 5
    We take pride in human's ability to cooperate and form communities.The we look at ants and feel ashamed

  • Place 4
    People want flying cars in the future, but airplanes are pretty much flying buses.
  • Place 3
    "Or" is an abbreviation of "other."
  • Place 2
    When we have to go to work, we bribe our pets to sit in cages all day.
  • Place 1
    I've never had a shower thought in the shower.

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193 days ago
“ If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does 2 apples do? Keep the dentist away?”

An Apple a day can keep everybody away if you g
throw it hard enough ;)
195 days ago
What’s shower thought? Lmao
423 days ago
Or maybe standing is laying on your feet? Yh that's better
428 days ago
Laying down is just standing on the floor :D
432 days ago
Shower thoughts from yours truly :)
458 days ago
These r cleverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
460 days ago
This is a fun list. The theory of relativity applies to many of these.
464 days ago
Ravenclaw girl please explain the concept of a shower thought to this WONDERFUL INTERNET USER.
472 days ago
i rarely have shower thoughts in the shower too,,
483 days ago
Um, ok. (Tho I don't REALLY understand...)
487 days ago
Like if you want more shower thoughts.If I get 5 likes, I will make a new, better list

493 days ago
Addynick, these are shower thoughts because even though I don’t think of these in the shower, they are thoughts that make you say: “Oh my.”
499 days ago
What makes these shower thoughts? Just wondering :D
519 days ago
than you angelwolf!
o o
- -
I tried to make a smile
526 days ago