Ways to communicate in secret

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Ten ways to talk to a friend in secret.

  • Place 10
    Use a code
    Make sure it’s not too popular or others will pick up on it.
  • Place 9
    2. Download the WordBrain app and text the link to a friend. Tell the friend you’re going to create a puzzle, then text him/her the code to unlock it. You can keep this secret by both deleting the messages about the app itself, then only text the code. In the puzzle, you can write short messages to each other.
  • Place 8
    Sign language
    3. You can use sign language, either something you create yourself or ASL or Signed English. You’ll need to do more research if you use the latter choices.

  • Place 7
    Learn another (spoken) language
    Try to use one that most people don’t know, like instead of Spanish.
  • Place 6
    Learn Morse code
    You can use lights or sounds to send these ones
  • Place 5
    Write in invisible ink
    You know the classic lemon-juice-and-hot-lamp

  • Place 4
    Use a lock on a reusable, sturdy package
    Coded ones usually work best so no one finds the key
  • Place 3
    Figure out some sort of body language thing that people around you couldn’t detect, like maybe tying your shoe when it doesn’t need to be could mean something specific
  • Place 2
    Use a color code where every color means something
  • Place 1
    Always delete or destroy messages once read to keep them secret

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NHYT you’re welcome and thank you for commenting!
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Whoa, thanks 143, i like those ideas;)))
1116 days ago
True I really am not fluent in it
1119 days ago
My grandpa says pig latin is an art. It's hard to understand if you speak it fast. I'm able to do tgat
1124 days ago
Aitykay Reatgay eaiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Kaity Great idea!)
1124 days ago
Ways to communicate in secret: ig-pay atin_lay (pig latin)
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I found another one! Use paper crane messages! Maybe not airplanes, cuz those are used for notes anyways.
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