Top 14 “24” Characters Seasons 1-3 Ranked from Worst to Best

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I love 24! An awesome show, and today the characters will be ranked from Seasons 1-3.

  • Place 14
    #14 - Ryan Chappelle
    Now Ryan is just down right annoying, and does what HE thinks is best. He doesn’t take advice from others and can be very bossy, *even for a boss...*
  • Place 13
    #13 - Teri Bauer
    Teri is definitely better than Chappelle, but we didn’t even get to know much about her, and she wasn’t a very good actress.
  • Place 12
    #12 - Chloe O’Brian
    Chloe can just be annoying in season 3, but she helped out a lot through that time.

  • Place 11
    #11 - Chase Edmunds
    Chase was very pushy and annoying in season 3. Yet he almost blew Jack’s cover, he’s a very good agent.
  • Place 10
    #10 - Sherry Palmer
    “David,” Sherry always says. She is very annoying and pushy with David, but without Sherry, 24 would just not be the same.
  • Place 9
    #9 - Kim Bauer
    Kim can be annoying at some times, but she is very loyal to CTU, and trusts her dad at all times.

  • Place 8
    #8 - Mike Novick
    Mike became a traitor, but he was always there for David in season 1. He did a great job, and was more thought of a friend to David than an assistant, until he went bad.
  • Place 7
    #7 - Kate Warner
    Kate did a good job in the show, and was loyal and trusted Jack and CTU very much.
  • Place 6
    #6 - Nina Myers
    Nina was the mole! You NEVER saw it coming till she made that phone call. She was one of the best actresses, and kept coming back to wow you every time.
  • Place 5
    #5 - Ira Gaines
    Gaines was such a great actor! He did a great job being the bad guy, and he just scares you every time you look at him.

  • Place 4
    #4 - Michelle Dessler Almeida
    Michelle is a good friend to CTU, and always loyal to Tony. She worked very hard when she had to, and never had any moments when people thought she was bad.
  • Place 3
    #3 - George Mason
    George! Why did he have to die so early? George was so great because he was funny, iconic, and he sacrificed himself for an entire city!
  • Place 2
    #2 - David Palmer
    David is such a great president, and had the best arguments with Sherry that made us all laugh! He makes great decisions, and is very nice to people. We all wish he could be president in real life!
  • Place 1
    Tied for #1 - Tony Almieda and Jack Bauer
    Jack and Tony are great friends, but each character has moments where they could be better. Jack always finds a way to finish the job, yet he sometimes goes too far. Tony is a great leader for CTU, but he can get super stressed out sometimes. But the reason both characters are #1, is because it exalts you when they do something unexpected that ends up saving everything!

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