How To Get Known: AllTheTests Edition

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Are you new to the site, or would like to get to know more people? Well, here's a list of suggestions for how to do just that.
Have any questions? Feedback? Tell me in the comments!

*I am not a professional, therefore these may not be helpful for everyone.
--Code Name Sophie LaCroix

  • Place 10
    Just Starting-Part One: Comments

    You want to start with comments. (Or with writing, which we will talk about next) Comment on quizzes that you like, fan fictions that you like, or if the writer asked for feedback, try and think of some.
    Examples-Not Feedback:
    (1)"I really like this quiz. It seems very well thought out."
    (2) "This fanfic (Fan fiction) is so great! I just love it."
    (3) "This is so beautiful!"

    (1) "This is a great story, but how did (blank) know (blank)?"
    (2) "I like this quiz, but I think question 7's answer is actually (blank)"
    (3) "Why did this character do this thing? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense--though it is a good story."

    If you need help with this step, you can ask me in the comments.
  • Place 9
    Just Starting-Part Two: Writing

    Another way to get to know people is writing. There are several different kinds of things you can write, which I'll talk about later, but for know I'll just tell you three of them below.
    (1) Quizzes. The most common one you'll see here, there are several different kinds of quizzes to choose from, unlike fan fictions and lists.

    (2) Fan fictions. The second most common, they are sometimes called fanfics for short. Most people don't use them for true fan fictions, but stories of their own creations or retelling(s) of their lives.

    (3) Lists. This is a list, as you know. They aren't quite as common as quizzes or fanfics, but there are still plenty of them.
    If you ask for comments, anywhere, then it may be more likely that you'll get them.
  • Place 8
    Just Starting-Part Three: Categories Of Quizzes And Written Things

    Now it's time to talk about the categories. Some of you already know about this, so you'll want to skip this part. Anyway, these are some of the categories:
    Multiple Choice Quiz: Exactly what it sounds like. You write a question on top, and put three to five answers on the bottom, only one if which is correct.

    Selection Quiz: This is more for those fun and personality quizzes. Again, a question on top and three to five answers, but there's a point system instead of a correct answer like the multiple choice.

    (Top) List: A list for the top 10 or 20 or 5 or however many (limit of 5, max of 100, I think) of something, or a list like this.

    Picture List: A list where you put pictures in, similar to the other list.

    Fan Fiction: Different from all others, instead of items or questions it has chapters.

    It's hard to explain these things. Hitting the "create your own quiz" button and having the experience is much easier to understand.

  • Place 7
    Committing-Part One: Setting Aside Time

    If you set aside some time for this, it'll be easier to get known. If you come on rarely, the process will take longer, which isn't bad, especially if you don't HAVE the time, but taking an hour or two--or even just a few minutes--to come here on a regular basis will make it easier.
    You could try to take, say, an hour+ for this every Saturday. Or two, maybe three. Depends how busy you are. And Saturday is just an example. Any day works.
    Examples: Very Busy:
    Take a day or two+ where you have none/the least things, and try to spend 15 minutes to an hour+ on here. If you have longer, great. If you don't, that's completely fine.
    Examples-Relaxed Schedule:
    Pick two or three+ days of the week that work. Try taking 45+ minutes on those days to come here.

    All right. There's a starting point.
  • Place 6
    Committing-Part Two: Not Limiting Yourself

    Even if there's somewhere where you are commenting with many people, don't limit yourself to there! Try going somewhere else and commenting. If another person has commented, you could respond to them, if it's a question. Love tests and period (Periods are for girls) tests often have many comments.
    You can go anywhere! Fan fictions, lists, quizzes... literally thousands of options!
  • Place 5
    Unsuspected Online Drama: Hate Comments.

    When people say hate comments, it's best not to hate back on them. If there are many hate comments hating a quiz, or other written thing, don't join in!
    Example Of Hate Comments: "This quiz is so bad. Why don't they know that the capital of Spamerica is Washingland? That's stupid."
    Something You Could Say: "The quiz maker put lots of effort into this, so don't hate on him/her! They might not even live in Spamerica or Washingland! Everybody gets things mixed up sometimes!"

    If you or anybody got a result of a quiz saying they're ugly or they should stop trying at something, well, what's hate going to do? It never did anything good. You should inform the quiz maker that it's not okay to say those kinds of things, but not hate them when saying it.

  • Place 4
    Asking: Questions

    Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you need help with something, there are some fan fictions created just for that. Go to categories, click on fan fictions and tap on advice. If you're a girl, you can do a period test, or anyone can do a love test.
  • Place 3
    If you really want, you can make yourself several names. You might want to tell anyone you talk to regularly, though.
  • Place 2
    Sorry, I put to many items in. If you have any questions...

    Or feedback, anything like that, ask me in the comments!
  • Place 1
    I've made a couple other things, under my name. I'd appreciate if you could check them out! Just click on the "more from Code Name Sophie Lacroix" button below.
    Thanks for reading!

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