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Right now, most of us are counting down the days 'til thanksgiving break.To celebrate, I thought a types of students list was in order.Comment if any of these fit you!

  • Place 10
    The Genius
    We all probably have this kid in our class and some of us are that kid.Y'know, fully participates in class discussions and gets the right answer every time.Also has straight A's.Most have perfect attendance too.

  • Place 9
    The Jock
    A jock is a student who excels in physical stuff (and no, I do not mean physics class. So back off, geniuses).They'll sign up for lots of after school sports, Most commonly soccer and football.
  • Place 8
    The Bully
    The Bully.Oh, where do I begin? A bully is somebody who continuously hurts people both physically and emotionally.This has terrible effects on everyone else.If you're this person, just stop! #BullyingIsWrong

  • Place 7
    The Late Kid
    "BRIING"There goes the bell.time to start cla-"Mrs Kally, sorry I'm late! I overslept."This sound familiar? If you arrive late ONCE, you are not a late kid.A late kid is CONSTANTLY late either physically, or assignment-wise.
  • Place 6
    The Brownie Point
    Being the Brownie Point isn't necessarily a bad thing.You just happen to be good friends with a teacher.No shame I that, no matter how many times you're called a suck-up.
  • Place 5
    The Normal Kid
    Normally, a normal kid avoids normal fighting and drama in the school.Normally, it's nice to have a normal kid to restore a school to it's proper normality and normally, normal function, too.

    P.S. Comment how many times I said normal or a variation of it.After a period of time, I'll reveal the answer.

  • Place 4
    The Nice Guy
    A nice guy is like a video game character that goes on quest for people.Always eager to lend a hand and be your friend.
  • Place 3
    The Popular Kid
    Everyone saw this one coming.The popular kid is liked and admired by almost everybody.it definitely pays to be one or be friends with one, as fame by association exists.
  • Place 2
    The Prep
    Also known as the Rich Kid.Telltales? Their wallet is so big, It's weighing them down.They have a phone with them at all times.Also, they wear a lot of designer clothes.
  • Place 1
    The Artist
    Never afraid to draw a caricature, artists definitely light up the school.They aren't just one species of doodlers, though.Their talents also include paining, writing, acting, singing, and dancing!

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382 days ago
flexible kid is me
855 days ago
My husband is the Nice Guy, I am the Artist.
1115 days ago
And then there's me.
1276 days ago
I shall make students part 2 by July!
1336 days ago
Thank you AddyNick also I'm back.Happy Easter!
1377 days ago
Goodbye HeyBuffet (Formerly :D) SEE YOU IN 39 DAYS!!!!
1383 days ago
It is Lent, and I'm giving up my computer.So I'll be inactive for about 45 days after today.So, I'm just saying goodbye for a little while.
1424 days ago
Yay! Thanks :D! (Btw I'm a girl:)
1427 days ago
Says the scrawny guy under the name of :D
1427 days ago
And AddyNick (Alltheclubs , Every Club)Is our big winner!It WAS 9.
He/She wins...Acknowledgement and Respect on this Particular Website.
1435 days ago
Also theres the rlly loud person who's always shouting out and singing during lessons. Theres also that person who's always eating lol and also that person that thinks they're rlly funny but they're not. Oh and theres that person who everyone has a crush on
1459 days ago
You said normally or a variation 9 times in that part, plus the title
1463 days ago
I've got a friend who is the artist of my class.