Learning Spanish: Lesson 1 (Beginners)

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Here you will learn simple words like Hola, Adios, Buenas Noches, Buenas Dias, and more.

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    Ok, first, greetings/goodbyes and stuff like that.
    Hola (Oh-lah)

    Adios (Ah-dee-ohs)

    Simple greetings. Medium, more advanced greetings:

    Buenas means good. Usually, depending on context. It is pronounced (Bwe-nahs) the female and standard version is Buenas, while the male version is Buenos. (Bwen-ohs)

    Buenas Dias: (Bwen-ahs Dee-ahs) Good Day/Good Morning

    Buenas Noches: (Bwen-Ahs No-ches) Good Evening/Good Night

    Buenas Tardes: (This is harder, you have to roll your "r" as in: Bwen-as Tarrr-des) Good Afternoon

    Harder Greeting:

    Mucho Gusto: (Moo-cho Goo-sto) Nice to meet you/pleasure to meet you

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16 days ago
Amarilla is yellow 🐤 is black
215 days ago
¡Hola! ¿Como Estas?
728 days ago
Amarillo means yellow. There is much amarillo, blanc, and naranja in ATT
728 days ago
Buenos Dias! Muy buenas!
732 days ago
So um actually. Mucho means many or much, I'm not sure why it's Mucho Gusto. To say very good, say Muy Buenas. Muy means very, much, or many.
733 days ago
Buenas!Very buenas!