Shower Thoughts Part 4!

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Phew.It's been a long time since I made one of these.But, here it is!

  • Place 10
    How does a pea not get squished under dozens of mattresses?
  • Place 9
    It would be really ironic to COIN the phrase "Penny for your Thoughts."
  • Place 8
    Using a Snapchat filter is the digital equivalent of painting a moustache and glasses on a photo.

  • Place 7
    It would be funny to see a chicken run around after they were sent to the guillotine.
  • Place 6
    Nowadays, microphones aren't much smaller than actual phones.
  • Place 5
    Your eyelids may have moved a farther distance than your legs.

  • Place 4
    They should invent salted swords.They would be more effective in battle.
  • Place 3
    I could sit there confused for hours if someone said, "Coffee is my cup of tea."
  • Place 2
    Flying cars would just make car crashes more lethal.
  • Place 1
    The guy who doesn't laugh at your joke and says to get a sense of humour is the one with no sense of humour.

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821 days ago
okay so these are brilliant I swear-
950 days ago
974 days ago
I mean, TECHNICALLY it is...
975 days ago
I thought this was a quiz...
976 days ago