Shower Thoughts Part 5!

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In honor of my belated birthday, I decided to make a quiz!

  • Place 10
    If there are Flat-Earthers, could there be Spherical-pancakers out there?
  • Place 9
    The parents in Frozen weren't overprotective, they were just stupid.
  • Place 8
    Netflix is a YouTube for TV.YouTube is a library for videos.

  • Place 7
    Amphibians really rule.
    King Crabs?
    Emperor penguins?
  • Place 6
    Urinals are really inefficient.
    Women can't use them.
    People in wheelchairs can't.
    People who need to go #2 can't.
    Plus, they spray all over you.
  • Place 5
    If you pick out seeds of a watermelon, you're screwing up its reproductive system.

  • Place 4
    In life, love means everything.
    In tennis, love means nothing.
  • Place 3
    When it snows, all snowmen see are falling corpses.
  • Place 2
    Has a lumberjack ever wiped with his own work?
  • Place 1
    Goldfish don't smile back, they're the ones initially smiling.

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819 days ago
Bruh... the snowman one freaked me out😂😂😂😂