Top 10 saddest celebrity deaths

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  • Place 10
    Kobe and Gianna Bryant
    This is only one of the many sad celebrity deaths out there.
  • Place 9
    Lil Peep
    Lil Peep was a DJ, a very good and famous one. It was so shocking to many of us when he passed.
  • Place 8
    Avicii was an amazing DJ just like Lil Peep. He wrote songs like “Hey Brother” and “Wake Me Up”. His death was a shock to many of us. Rip 😢

  • Place 7
    XXXTentacion was a singer. He wrote songs like “SAD” and albums like “?”. His death surprised so many of us. Rip 😢
  • Place 6
    Eddie Money
    Eddie Money was a rock star. He was very well known. News of his passing shocked all of us. Rip 😢
  • Place 5
    Etika was a YouTuber. He had very many subscribers. He was missing for well over 3 days, before he was found dead. He had drowned himself. Rip 😢

  • Place 4
    Katherine Johnson
    Katherine Johnson was a mathematician who helped create the first computers. She died a few days ago. Rip 😢
  • Place 3
    Michael Jackson
    I’m sure you all know about Michael Jackson. He was a rock star. He died of a drug overdose. Rip 😢
  • Place 2
    Cameron Boyce
    Cameron Boyce was an actor. He had an amazing impact on the new generation. He passed away from a seizure. You will be missed Cam. Rip 😢
  • Place 1
    Juice WRLD
    Juice WRLD was a rapper who was known for his single “Lucid Dreams”. He died in December of 2019. Rip 😢

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811 days ago
Thanks for adding Cameron Boyce. I’ve grown up watching Jessie and Descendants. Now it’s been over a year and I still am shocked about his death. Same with Avicii, 😘tentacion, Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Micheal Jackson and all the others. Honestly I didn’t know 😘tentacion before but I still listen to Changes sometimes when I am sad.
943 days ago
i was while reading this! :'(
944 days ago
so sorry. this must have been so hard, but honestly idc. haha lol
944 days ago
I cried while making this 😭 😭 😭