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The best things about having a sister.

  • Place 10
    They absolutely ADORE you.
  • Place 9
    They are always there for a cuddle and for advice.
  • Place 8
    They make lovely plans with you for midnight feasts ect but fall asleep over the feast time. Well, its all part of their cuteness!

  • Place 7
    Sometimes you can tell your sisters things you can't tell parents or even friends
  • Place 6
    You can rely on them to take the blame for any crime you do. Don't have a dog? Blame your sister!
  • Place 5
    They side with you.

  • Place 4
    They act as your shadow and do everything you do. So sweet!
  • Place 3
    They constantly give you stuff to do to keep you occupied.
  • Place 2
    They can make you roar with laughter when you don't even feel like smiling.
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485 days ago
It depends on the sister though. My sister's did none of these. (I have 3.). Mine put the blame on me and abused me.
951 days ago
I am the big sister and I dont do any of these things to my annoying brother lol
985 days ago
Good for you tia!!!! I will do the quiz you need. Brave decision and yes I'm glad we are total BFFs
985 days ago
Thxx 4 ths quiz Ez. Glad we r friends and I really love yrrrr quizzes done all 4. Plzz do 1 bout headshaves cos I am contemplating having mine shaved for little princess trust!!
986 days ago
Thanks Cutecat 🚔 Maybe I should do a quiz about the bad things about having a sister?! There is loads I haven't put is that the case for you? Haha x from Ez
992 days ago
Its really sweet but my sister dosent do any of those things😢