Top 10 thoughts I’ve had in Quarantine

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I’m sure those who are stuck at home during quarantine because of coronavirus have at least had 3 of these thoughts.. comment if you have!

  • Place 10
    I just want to go to the mall, to be honest.
    I think this is the first thought that pops into my head when I’m online shopping. 😶 please tell me that’s not bad...
  • Place 9
    Time to ZOOOOOOOOOM!
    I can’t be alone for this one.. can I?

    it’s so fun to say.

  • Place 8
    I miss my friends.
    We can all relate.

  • Place 7
    More cases!
    Ever look up the local Covid cases count only to think this thought as soon as you see the number?

    yeah me too 😊
  • Place 6
    Oh no... I have coronavirus.
    Even if you know you don’t have it you’ve thought this don’t lie I know you have.
  • Place 5
    This zoom is so boring
    You get so excited only to realize this virtual get-together is all about the Pythagorean theorem.

  • Place 4
    Time is all merging together
    I think this a lot...
  • Place 3
    Where is the toilet paper?
    Me on the toilet or me at a store... one or the other.
  • Place 2
    Yay, ANOTHER walk.
    Me and my family have gone on LOTS of walks around our neighborhood lately...
  • Place 1
    Can this end soon?
    Me. Every. Single. Day.

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417 days ago
Those are me everyday all the time. Even if some of it I can go to: I have to wear a mask. I just want this to be over.
695 days ago
But great list! Several of these are quite true.
695 days ago
Rats I think I’m getting Covid. From my family. But it’s not bad, so yay!
770 days ago
lucky u i just have a bro who is just as boring as a fly tho i do have a trampoline...
819 days ago
Lol!!! Thanks!!! Got my pug last week!!! :)
826 days ago
Happy Pug Day Drama Queen! hahah
836 days ago
Gracie Lynn - Yeah, I’m getting a lot of stuff rn!!! ;) I hate the virus!!! but....if it’s wasn’t for Covid-19 I’d never get trampoline or pug lol
837 days ago
839 days ago
Oh yeah, uh, I’m getting a pug on June 23rd!!! In a earlier comment I said I want a pug and I got on so I just wanted to let y’all know ;)
839 days ago
Gracie Lynn- Sure!!!
844 days ago
This is so relatable!😔😂
848 days ago
yes you should make a part 2!
857 days ago
Hi guys! It’s the author here. Seems like you guys really like this list.
Should I make a part 2?
Please comment if this is something you would love to see!!
Thank you so much for reading this!
860 days ago
I want only my everyday live back ...
861 days ago
I relate to all of these. I wanna pug! I wanna shop! I wanna eat fast food! I wanna go to amusement parks. I wanna see my friends in person! I wanna go to the pool! I wanna do cheerleading and piano again! Make this nightmare end!!!
864 days ago
lol i do relate
really getting tired of family walks
865 days ago
Why is this just the most relatable thing ever
866 days ago
I miss my friend,more cases,and me and my family go on SOOOOOO many walks
866 days ago
Haha. I never left the house before quarantine, So this isn't bothering me whatsoever. Though I do feel sorry foe y'all.
866 days ago
YESSSS so relatable!!!I need to shop!
If I made this list I would add one more though..... Starbucks!!!💜💜💜