Top 5 most brilliant Star Trek Voyager characters!

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I will give you a selection of Voyager characters that I personally think are the best!

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    Tuvok and Neelix
    Tuvok and Neelix
    Okay, that is 2 characters, but them combined makes mayhem! I love how Neelix tries to make Tuvok do things that Vulcan's don't enjoy doing, but it is very sweet as in Neelix's last episode, homestead, Tuvok sort of dances?💕
  • Place 4
    Admiral Janeway
    Admiral Janeway
    Admiral Janeway is a lovely character, but a confusing one.
    I am still bamboozled about how the last voyager episode happened.
    because the crew got home, Janeway would not have needed to go and see voyager, and seven of nine and Chakotay wouldn't have died!
    so how on earth did it happen? only the writers know.
  • Place 3
    Naomi Wildman
    Naomi Wildman
    I love Naomi! she is so sweet!
    I think she is about 6, but I can't be too sure.
    still she's still lovely, and you can only thank Scarlett herself for that!

  • Place 2
    Tom Paris
    Tom Paris
    If you are ever bored, just look at videos of Tom Paris and
    BANG! you're alright again. how awesome!
    this can come back to Neelix and Tuvok, for in one episode, they are in the delta flyer and Tuvok and Neelix are bickering, so Tom has to shut them up.
    aaaaaahhhhhhhh... Star Trek
  • Place 1
    Finally, Seven of Nine
    Finally, Seven of Nine
    Who doesn't like her!
    Seven is my all time favorite voyager character, which is odd, as my favorite of the next generation is data!
    Seven is amazing.
    my favorite scene with her in is the doctor's deathbed confession, where he finally tells her that he loves her (like we didn't know that already)!

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