Top Ten Thoughts I’ve Had in Quarantine 2!

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You asked- I delivered!

The second COVID Related list... here for your enjoyment

  • Place 10
    This is STUPID. This is all STUPID
    Either talking about Corona or my sibling....
    ha ha ha
  • Place 9
    People can be so stupid
    Again.. my sibling has caused this one to pop into my head.
  • Place 8
    Now what!
    I’m mostly talking about when I finish binge watching my favorite show...

    Who else there has to be someone else please comment if so.

  • Place 7
    Awwww great, it’s raining.
    Self explanatory.

  • Place 6
    [insert favorite song lyric here]
    Seriously tho.
    Is it just me or sometimes does your favorite song just randomly POP right into your head and then it’s stuck for like another 5 and a half hours.

    Please say this happens to you..
    🥺 pwease
  • Place 5
    Oh yay, the same thing for dinner AGAIN
    Obviously that was said in a very sarcastic tone

  • Place 4
    Another movie night... how fun.
    After 17 of them it’s just not that entertaining.
  • Place 3
    I’m booooooorrrreeeeeddddddddddddddddd
    At the end of “bored” we all make the “duhhhh” sound.

    So it’s more like:


    please say you guys do this....
  • Place 2

    Me on the last day of virtual school
  • Place 1
    I need a break from my family.
    Sadly, in these times, that will never happen.

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199 days ago
omg i fell the say way now
457 days ago
Same as Jadyn.
545 days ago
All of these are me.
776 days ago
my fave song is Drummer boy by Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn
953 days ago
My fave song is Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance and I for all of these so relatable :)
953 days ago
This is so like ME.My favourite song is Rain on Me by Lady Gaga Ft. Ariana Grande from the album CHROMATICA this is just what I've been looking for I just like read about someone's quarantine life its just one of my habits.

P.S.If you have something thats about your quarantine life just address all your comments to TGuy123. Since I look at everyday so please send those comments in NOW! Thanks.
953 days ago
Yasss, so relatable! :)