50 Reasons Why You Should Live and Not Commit Suicide

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Since the pandemic began, I know a lot of people have been in a terrible mental state. well, I’m here to help.

  • Place 50
    Someone cares about you.
    If you know it or not, someone would care if you died.
  • Place 49
    Comfy Clothes
    I mean... pajamas... come on
  • Place 48
    Sleep. Beautiful Sleep
    I don't know if you sleep when you die, but dang isn’t it great.

  • Place 47
    They so pretty.
  • Place 46
    If your in pain, just remember there is always something to laugh about.
  • Place 45
    Good music
    Okay I would really miss this

  • Place 44
    Turning up music really loud and SCREAMING all the lyrics.
    Yup uh huh
  • Place 43
    Good smells
    *sniff sniff*
  • Place 42
    Sports, or anything active
    It’s fun for some people

    (not me)
  • Place 41
    Staying up late
    It’s party time then....

  • Place 40
    Nice showers
    So so nice
  • Place 39
    And winning... winning is fun too.

    (Totally not super competitive 😉)
  • Place 38
  • Place 37
  • Place 36
  • Place 35
    Puppies and kittens

  • Place 34
    Burger please
  • Place 33
    Yeah... I’ll take a milkshake does that count
  • Place 32
    It’s so fun
  • Place 31
    So pretty

  • Place 30
    Teddy bears
  • Place 29
    Fluffy blankets and beds
    I'm just going to just sleep
  • Place 28
    It’s a way to express yourself
  • Place 27
    Traveling the world
    You could do that.... would it be worth it?
  • Place 26
    Feeling smart.
    Just the feeling of being like “ha ha, I’m better than you” is enough to stay alive.
  • Place 25
    I MEAN

  • Place 24
    This website
    It’s interesting.
  • Place 23
    If it’s yours or someone else’s, it’s fun.
  • Place 22
    Everything you enjoy would be taken away.
    I don’t want my favorite teddy bear taken away!

    um- yeah I t-totally don’t sleep w-with stuffed animals anymore...
  • Place 21
    It’s just too funny

  • Place 20
    Concerts or performances
    So freaking fun
  • Place 19
    Someone would miss you
    Anyone could
  • Place 18
    Someone loves you.
    I do. And I don’t even know you.
  • Place 17
    There is more good than bad.
    How many days has everything been happy? Now how many days have been sad?

    just imagine little child you and how happy you were.

    you have been happy before. You can be happy again.
  • Place 16
    Helping others
    One of the best feelings ever.
  • Place 15
    Video Games
    Tee hee hee

    (Slowly does default fortnite dance)
  • Place 14
    Imagine what you can accomplish that you wouldn’t if you committed suicide
    I want to get a dog.
    I can’t do that if I die.
  • Place 13
    Living can show your strong.
    So be strong! Stay strong! Things will get better.
  • Place 12
  • Place 11
    You can learn new skills!
    I’m learning instruments in quarantine. Maybe you can learn something too.
  • Place 10
    So freaking cool
  • Place 9
    Roller Coasters and amusement parks
  • Place 8
    Water Slides
    After Covid is done you can go on one!
  • Place 7
    Oh that quality content
  • Place 6
    Animals in general
    What beautiful creatures.

    just like you 😊
  • Place 5
    God says everything will be okay.. trust him.
  • Place 4
    So fun
  • Place 3
  • Place 2
  • Place 1
    If you need anyone to talk to- let this post be your therapy. Whatever your thinking- put your thoughts in the comments. don’t put your username even if you want.

    Let out whatever you are keeping in. Love you!

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103 days ago
I am suicidal cuz of my toxic mom and my life, it is miserable.
163 days ago
Hi I have a theory

I think it's okay to be a pessimist, just don't let it get to your head.
Because if you think the glass is half full, you'll never pick it up and fill it.

My theory tho
Idc if you don't agree.

164 days ago
It's me again. Sorry, but I just really need this. My stress and sadness have been all over the place and I'm not sure if I'm suicidal or not. I hope I'll live a good life.
164 days ago
I just really wish covid was gone and I wasn't so depressed. But the problem is that depression can be addictive. I hate it, but I love it too. On the happy days, I will always find something that isn't good. I won't focus on the good things because I don't know how to. I've literally twice just sat on the roof and thought about jumping of, but I never did because I wouldn't do that to my friends and family. I hate this.

Again, sorry for wasting your time.
164 days ago
70% of the stress I can deal with is covid. 10% is the stress of "do I look good enough? Are my grades good enough?" And that 💝.

And then guess what marched into my life?
A gay crush.
30% of the stress.

So I have 10% more stress than what I can deal with. My parents have been like "where is that little happy girl that we knew?" And it's really annoying. I just really feel like I need help.

Sorry for wasting your time.
179 days ago
You Know i would have lived but on number 15 you default danced so ya, bye
187 days ago
I’ve wanted to commit suicid for a while I just feel like no one cares about me or loves me anymore I just want to leave and go to heaven (I’m a cristian ) I need help but I feel like there no one left to turn to
198 days ago
I guess I just need a place to vent, so I’ll vent here, for quite a long time I haven’t really been happy, especially these last few months, I’m just tired of fighting for so long I guess, I’ve cut but I’m trying to stop, also recently my self image has been even worse and I’m haveing trouble eating, eh I just keep comparing myself to girls and hate it, idk why I had to be born like this but oh well, idk how much longer I’m going to be able to hold on, so if I don’t survive just know I tried.
216 days ago
just gonna go die under a bridge
217 days ago
you will be okay.

this comment section is so emotional, and I’m sorry for anyone who has been deeply affected. I honestly didn’t think this would blow up, but it has, so I’m glad it has reached so many of you. If you are thinking about committing suicide, please call the suicide national hotline. If you get Lucy, tell her Demi is okay. ❤️

I love you all, whether you know it or not.
236 days ago
Tbh, life isnt even worth it. I hate my life and people hate me. Then again I'll just bash them. Even that isnt worth it, you know why. Cos its life. My life rn is falling apart being in year 7 is 😻. I have at least 20 people on my bash list and like you dont even care so I'm gonna go and run in front of a train. Besides its not like you would care...
236 days ago
I hate myself. I see nothing i do will matter. I am not a good person, and neither is anyone else. There is no end to the pain. Happiness always feels like a lie. I am never even there
238 days ago
keep going, push through cos deep down or even right on top you know that someone loves you. Such is Life...
238 days ago
I wanna die but I am scared of deah. I love my mum an my family and i feel so terrible after the way i treat them. they deserve better. I hope someday i crawl into a hole and die but not yet. i still have long wa ti go an so do all of you guys and girls.
250 days ago
250 days ago
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250 days ago
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284 days ago
well its been a long time since i have been here, i hope you are all ok, i want you to know you all matter
333 days ago
...Well...These are some pretty good reasons to live...Shame is I barely feel anything anymore...
340 days ago
you are on every test I check (another poor attempt at humor, please don't be offended)