How to deal with bullying

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Bullying is a terrible thing, it can make us hate ourselves, but I'm here to help

  • Place 10
    Stay strong
    I know this may seem strange but I've seen it work, don't let bullies know their causing you misery, or they'll want to do it more
  • Place 9
    Get help
    If you feel sad or like nobody loves you, get help from friends or family, talk to them and tell them how you feel
  • Place 8
    It's okay to cry
    If you need to cry, cry. bottling it up won't help, the balloon that is your emotion will blow up and up and burst, that when feeling suicidal hits

  • Place 7
    Don't acknowledge them
    Unless you can't, just walk on past the bully, you don't need to hear what they have to say
  • Place 6
    Be tolerant
    Unless it's impossible, tolerate the bully, you need to remember that they probably have a bad life themselves
  • Place 5
    Remember someone loves you
    Whether it's a parent, a friend, a boy/girlfriend, or even a pet, someone loves you

  • Place 4
    Steer clear
    They can't bully you from the other side of a school hall
  • Place 3
    Do something you like
    Do something you enjoy, it may take your mind of the bully for a while
  • Place 2
    Love yourself
    Remember, you are a great happy person and you deserve love
  • Place 1
    Be nice to others
    Be nice to others and they will be your friends, and friends are better than any other way of coping

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Comments (376)


390 days ago
sup nerds,im a real bully and you freaks are listening to me! got that? thats right!so who should i bully first?
619 days ago
Umm are you guys okay? I'm kind of worried... (not being mean btw:))
637 days ago
You’re still on this website? It’s been a long while. I hope you’re doing fine.
871 days ago
How you feel always matters, dont ever believe your mental health doesn't matter.
873 days ago
hi sorry forgot to check the site. haven’t been very good lately. but yeah doesn’t matter. how r u?
891 days ago
Are you ok,if you need to talk abot something, im here
899 days ago
Hello, how are you?
917 days ago
Im fine, found out how my mother died, she hanged herself
917 days ago
I’ll do that soon. Sorry that I haven’t wrote anything in quite a long time. How are you?
933 days ago
Yes that is gordon Ramsay, you should watch a video of him
933 days ago
Btw Gordon Ramsay is that cook who yells all the time isn’t he? We got a couple of German cooks who yell a lot of swear words as well. It’s honestly so funny to watch.
933 days ago
Omg that made me smile.
But Germans swear a lot as well. Especially in the car. How are you today?

I came out as queer now and it makes me so happy. I know that I’m probably pan but I just don’t care anymore. Also I told my closest friends that I am nonbinary and I want to get my hair cut soon. I am so hyped!!
940 days ago
The British just yell enough swear words to scare off Gordon Ramsay
942 days ago
There’s a saying in German and a lot of us will say that while driving.
Translated it means something like „ They probably won their driver's license in the lottery“
and i think thats really accurate
943 days ago
Im fine just some people need to learn how to drive, i got hit by a car
948 days ago
It’s okay. Are you alright?
951 days ago
Sorry i haven't replied i have been in hospital, and dont feel pressured into making a decision
954 days ago
Also I know I shouldn’t make a big deal outta it but I’ve been outed as lesbian since November. And i know sexuality is fluid. And that’s not the problem. But right now I feel like I’m maybe bi or pansexual. I was going with poly/pan romantic and homosexual but I’m not quite sure about that.
Sure I really like girls but honestly right now I can imagine myself with a guy. Or a nonbinary person. Lesbian never fitted me on nonbinary days anyway (since I’m genderfluid)
I’ll guess back in school I’m gonna figure out.
But truth is, I never really had the chance to think about wether I really am a lesbian or not. I kinda got peerpressured into it and I don’t like that.
I think I’m gonna go with queer. I keep saying bout myself that I’m gay and I already did that when I was bi. I know I should be about the labels but it helped me accept it and clear my mind over it.
But comes time...
We’ll see what happens in the future.
955 days ago
I don’t even know if you still come here but I kind of need to tell something off my heart. In the last few months I’ve lost everyone I could turn to and everyone that has kept me sane. My best friends. Three of them. I was in love with one of them. I have never loved a human being more. But she had a horrible character and I guess I only loved the “old her” the girl I met ages ago.
I don’t need any of them back. I’m too proud for that. All three broke my heart in a million pieces and then set it on fire. But since there’s COVID and I can’t go to school since months I feel alone. There’s no one I could turn to with the topics I need to talk about so I don’t freak out. My mental health issues. I feel like I couldn’t trust new people anyway. They kinda... broke me. I didn’t know that broken people could be broken again. I thought that at some point I stopped caring.
I hate how I am.
It’s not personality or something.
It’s that I want to improve myself but I can’t because my mind tells me constantly that I’m not worth it and that I am useless.
I know that that’s bull 😘 but it’s the stuff I believed in for over ten years. It’s not that easy to get it out of my mind. I really want to improve but my head is like a wall and it doesn’t want be to change but also wants me to change. It’s so exhausting.
I’ve been fighting with myself the whole time and I really thought that I had peace with myself but I don’t think I have. I am not suicidal or something even tho I don’t see sense in life. I thought about k*lling myself very often and I’ve often almost did it. But yet I’m still here. And I’m here to stay. I really want to keep fighting but I don’t know where I can get that energy from anymore.
I really tried changing my mindset and it worked for a while. I started to understand that there are days where I don’t have to be perfect. I am not a robot. I started to understand that it’s okay if I stay a whole day in bed and read. That it’s okay to do nothing someday. But now? I keep making myself small because when I don’t talk with friends in the phone I don’t get anything done. I hate myself because my room is a mess. But I just can’t get up.
I hate my social anxiety.
And yet, it is my comfort zone.
I don’t want to get rid of it. That thought scares me. I’ve been anxious almost forever. I don’t know what would be left without it.
Even tho I should identify myself over a mental illness.
You maybe see that my brain is very weird
but you really don’t have to answer this message. I’m just happy I found somewhere I could talk it off.
Hope ur still well
964 days ago
Don’t be sorry I totally forgot about this side too. Sorry I didn’t check in for quite a long time.