10 loony laws you didn't know existed

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Did you know its illegal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to snooze in a refrigerator?
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    Goats can't legally wear pants in Massachusetts.
    This is one of the funny ones .
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    It's illegal to ride an ugly horse down the street in Washington.
    I just don't get this one....
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    It's against the law in Canada to scare a child or sick person to death.
    I wonder why it doesn't say anything about scaring an healthy adult to death...

  • Place 7
    Your breaking the law if you jump out of an airplane while it's in the air over Maine.
    Okay, so if you die when you jump out, can they still take you to court?
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    It's against the law in Chicago to eat in a place that is on fire.
    Um waiter, my banana split is burning!
  • Place 5
    In Iowa, its Illegal for a horse to eat a fire hydrant.
    That horse must have hard teeth...

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    In the USA, you're breaking the law if you tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.
    I mean seriously, who the heck has a pet giraffe?
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    It's illegal to catch a fish while on horseback in Washington DC.
    So don't even think about it, buster!
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    There's a law that decrees that citizens may not enter Wisconsin with a chicken on their head
    Excuse me sir, but you have a little something on your head, I believe it is a chicken.
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    Do not operate a vehicle while blindfolded, because then you're breaking the law!
    Not sure why this is a law, who would be stupid enough to do this?

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3 days ago
I have some other loony laws:
1. In Arizona, it's illegal for donkeys to take a bath.
2. In Wyoming, it's illegal to take photos of bunny rabbits in June.
3. You'll get sentenced to death if you sprinkle salt on the train tracks in Alabama.
4. You'll get sentenced to death if you jump off a building in New York.
5. In Minnesota, it's illegal to operate a vehicle with a duck on your head.
6. In Hong Kong, it's legal for a woman to kill her husband if he cheated on her. However, this is only allowed if she can do this with her bare hands.
7. In Japan and England, suicide is considered a crime.
8. It's illegal to die in Longyearbyen (Norway).
9. If you make a joke about the king in Thailand, you can get to jail.
838 days ago
Thanks ,my personal favorite is the one about the chicken!🐓
838 days ago
LOL these are great!😂
840 days ago
Hi I'm the one who made this !plz tell me how it is and don't hesitate to tell me other strange and loony laws!!