10 Natural beauty secrets

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Here are some very helpful hints and tips to
Maintain beautiful looks (which by the wayare all natural and have been tried by myself)

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    Does this ever happen to you? You're painting your nails your favorite color then suddenly you get nail polish on your skin!
    You know it doesn't come off with soap and water right?
    But there is a way to get rid off those ugly stains:
    To get rid of nail polish stains on skin, simply dip a cotton ball into rubbing alcohol and rub gently on the stain, be sure to wash afterwards though, because it has a bit of a smell.but be careful, you don't want to ruin your brand new manicure (or pedicure)
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    Another nail tip: If you're like me, you like healthy beauty products.
    Natural, non harsh, no chemicals. But unless you use nail polish there's really nothing else to decorate your nails with, or is there?
    To get NATURAL nail shininess (not sure that's even a word) simply take a Q-tip and dip it into sweet almond oil .
    Put it on your nails, just
    like you would nail polish.
    I've tried this a few times and it's so shiny/smooth
    You can also put aloe vera gel on your nails, its just as nice .
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    And now it's on to hair:
    Is your hair greasy, dry,
    Or full of dandruff? Then this 3 in one package is perfect for you! All you need is a bottle of, apple cider vinegar!
    Simply go in the shower and make your hair wet
    (Not soaking wet)
    Then dump about 1/2 a cup of apple cider vinegar in your head
    (Close your eyes)
    Rub it in like you would shampoo and leave it on few 2-3 min. Then rinse, shampoo, and condition
    Your hair .I have tried this quite a few times and it really works!

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    Pimples, blemish, zits every girl has them.but if you're going out you DO NOT want anybody to see them .
    So how do you get rid of them (or at least minimize their exposure)
    Here are a few ideas to help you:
    1.aloe vera: just put some onto your face and you will get smooth, soft,
    Skin, I can't promise it will get rid of all zits, but it will surely make them less visible, apply aloe vera at least one time daily.
    2.witch hazel: this will surely minimize your blemishes. Squeeze some onto a cotton ball
    And put on your face
    If your focusing on a single pimple you might want to put a bandaid over the cotton ball and tape it to your skin .leave it on few a few min.
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    Tips for the ultimate relaxing bath:
    1. Add an essential oil like rose or lavender to the bath when its halfway full
    2.add Epsom salts or a bath balm
    3.put on super relaxing music
    4.dim the lights
    5. Read a book in the bathtub.
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    Well that almost all the natural beauty advice I have and every single one of them are real .
    I hope you'll do some of them

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    If any of you have any questions or want to tell me natural beauty advice .go right ahead and and do it in the comments below.
    Because I really enjoy chatting with other people
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    We don't even have to talk about natural beauty advice!
    We can talk about anything!
    We can even talk about bananas!
    ( By the way, I hate bananas)
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    I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy doing some of these hacks.
    But make sure you aren't allergic to any of the natural beauty products used
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    Thanks for reading this,
    And having the patience for my endless chatter (almost done now!)

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830 days ago
@miss pretty nice girl ,I totally agree with you , its the inside that counts ! I never wear make up . I'm into healthy and natural substitutes for beauty products and I want to help other people,which is why I made this .
830 days ago
These sound really useful!
Let’s talk about the number 42!!
830 days ago
not trying to be hurtful but you dont need bueaty tips you are you and your amazing you dont need makeup to be pretty your butieful inside and out but this still is a very good quiz it was put together nicely
830 days ago
@KiaraTheBlink ,here are a few tips
.eat apples ,apples are good for weight loss
.drink a lot of water
.try to eat more slowly ,you won't be as hungry then ,hence you will not eat so much.
.try to avoid sugary drinks like Gatorade and soda .
.limit on candy
I hope this helps!
830 days ago
Hi,I need some advice for being skinny without diet or anything,I don't want to work hard too much,like eating eggs or anything(literally true I think) and please do not put anything like Apple cider,aloe vera,things like that,just simple ones like I said, thank you very much for advice btw nice :) O.O (my favorite face btw)
840 days ago
Hi everyone, I made this, and i hope you'll do a few of the hacks,it took me a long time to make it !