How to be a better furry

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Okay, so this is how to commit to a furry life!

  • Place 10
    Okay. So you should probably know about the fandom that you are in. Go on Wikipedia, search “furry fandom” and read it!
  • Place 9
    You don’t need a full one. Maybe just get some paws and a tail on Amazon on your fursona color. Doesn’t matter, just SOME fursuit piece.
  • Place 8
    Buy some furry merch! Anything with paw prints, animals, anthro characters, buy it! If you really want to commit, stop by a con and pick up their merch!

  • Place 7
    Enhance your fursona! Give them a deeper personality! Make a nice ref sheet! Make them more art! Are they a soccer playing wolf? A cat that likes to draw? A bunny that rides a motorcycle? ITS YOUR CHOICE!
  • Place 6
    Get on there! There is so much furry YouTube! Go watch it! Some good channels:
    Majira Strawberry
    Odin Wolf
    Ash Coyote
    Pocari Roo
  • Place 5
    Watch furry TV! Zootopia is furry. Sonic the Hedgehog is furry. Even Guardians of the Galaxy is furry (Rocket Raccoon, anyone?)!

  • Place 4
    Join some furry websites! DeviantArt is a nice start. So is FurAffinity. Get on it! Make friends! Don’t buy fursuits from websites!
  • Place 3
    MORE! Never enough! Buy more! MORE! MORE! MORE! You: “But Becca, I already have them.” Get more!

  • Place 2
    Buy some animal stuff! Like pencil toppers, minis, even lamps! Stuff like that will enhance your furryness.
  • Place 1
    Meet more furries! The best place is cons. Go to your nearest con, and make friends!

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643 days ago
idek what a furry is tbh
951 days ago
what are some good names for fursonas ! because i am horrible at making names