Signs you will get your period soon

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Here is how to tell if Aunt Flo is on the way!

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    You will have just a raised nipple at first, but mark your calendar when you notice more than a nipple.(Stage 2 of below chart). In about 2 years after this, your period will come.
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    You may notice a white, yellow, or clear liquid in your panties. This is vaginal discharge. It is normal, and marks about that you are about 6-12 months from your period. In the last month or two before period, it may change. It may change color, and will most likely have more.
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    Hair down there. Along with breasts, the noticing of that marks 2 years. You will start with a bit of blonde hair, and it will get darker and curlier.

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    There are a lot of mixed feeling happening. If you share a room, you may feel you need to have privacy (when you get you period, your parents will help you get privacy!). You may feel you have to change clothes or bathe with a closed door, if you didn’t before. You may feel annoyed all the time over little things, or get overly excited.
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    The general size of your body will get bigger. You shirt size, your pant size, even your shoe size! You will probably need to get a lot of new clothes! Tip: buy things 1 size bigger than what fits, because you will thank you later!
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    There are a lot of aches involved. You may feel cramps, which vary a lot girl to girl. It may be like a stomachache, or like a running cramp, or even like a jabbing. They range from mild to severe, and also vary day to day. One day, you may feel an extremely painful stabbing feeling, and the next time a dull “knotted” feeling. By “knotted” these feel like intestines are tied in a knot! Again, ranges from mild to severe pain.

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    You may feel almost depressed. You may be hostile, sad, and angry. It’s a terrible feeling, but it goes away eventually.
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    You may crave junk food. Or maybe even healthy food, but junk food is more common. If you suddenly want chips really bad, and then, ooh, what about chocolate, or maybe ice cream...
    You know Aunt Flo’s coming!
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    You feel lazy. You wake up to alarm at 7: am, and your mom informs you that “we are having a FUN bike ride!”. You drag yourself out of bed to get dressed. All throughout the day, you just wanna sleep, but when you go to bed, you can’t sleep. That is a sign too!
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    Just like you are doing now! If you fell like doing nothing but stare at the laptop all day, every day, stock up the pads!

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