The 10 best countries to travel in Europe

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Are you planning on traveling to another country soon? Are you unsure of where to go? Read this list to find out the best countries to visit in Europe!

Please note that this is only based on my opinion and experiences.

  • Place 10
    When I went to Denmark there wasn't really much to do there other than go to the shops. The people however are very friendly! I rate this country 5/10
  • Place 9
    Finland is great to go in the Winter! It snows a lot and there's lots to see but sometimes it gets too cold... I rate this country 5.5/10
  • Place 8
    I don't remember much about Portugal but based on my parents' descriptions, it sounds like a great place! The weather is great and there's lots to see. 7/10 for this country!

  • Place 7
    Germany is such a busy place and it's great for tourists. The thing that spoiled it for me was that some of the people were not very friendly. I rate this country 7/10!
  • Place 6
    This country is so hot and beautiful! There are plenty of things to do and see here! 8.5/10!
  • Place 5
    Your experience of this country depends on which part of this country you go to. Half of England is unsafe and dirty but the other half is completely safe and full of amazing attractions! I would suggest going to places like London and staying I'm a good quality hotel to have a great holiday. 8/10!

  • Place 4
    France is full of friendly people! There are loads of tourist attractions like cathedrals. It is a very safe country to visit. 9/10 for France 🇫🇷
  • Place 3
    Belgium has lots of delicious chocolate and sweet treats. Many of the people are friendly and the hotels are really nice too. I rate Belgium 9.5/10
  • Place 2
    Italy has the best food! Pizza, pasta, gelato and so many more things I didn't have the chance to try. The weather is lovely and this was the perfect holiday. 10/10!
  • Place 1
    There are lots of cycle routes if you want to cycle and it is such a beautiful country! There's so much to do and the people are very friendly. Just a warning that in Amsterdam they may have some inappropriate shop names, souvenirs, etc. 10/10 for this country

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