Top 5 most stupid things I thought as a kid

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    I used to think glasses actually made stuff look bigger and bad vision meant everything looked smaller. I apparently could not register that it just made things less blurry. I was also like 4, so donโ€™t judge
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    Oh my. I was really dumb. In preschool and like kindergarten I truly thought that getting pregnant required marriage. I thought after people got married that kiss for some reason gave them a chance of getting pregnant. I didnโ€™t know you could control how much kids you wanted ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Place 3
    Short one. I thought eating a bunch of carrots would give me super vision. Oh gosh

  • Place 2
    I really did believe if I ate a watermelon seed, (only a black seed, since there werenโ€™t as much) it would grow its own watermelon inside of me.
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    Well this one was common. To give birth, doctors cut open your stomach and pulled the baby out. Realistic, is it not?

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129 days ago
I thought the same on the watermelon one as a kid.
195 days ago
The pregnancy one is literally EXACTLY what I used to think
218 days ago
I can relate to only the birth one, yea. Cuz as a kid, I knew a lot of stuff (yk what I mean) that I wasnโ€™t supposed to know. And I was kinda smart for a kid Ngl
356 days ago
i relate to 1 and 3 lol
394 days ago
i relate! but actually carrots are very good for your vision and makes you eyes better so thats where that thought came from i think.....
485 days ago
I relate to 3 and 2.
556 days ago
LOL I can relate to all of these answers.
Madison these are all true, I used to think these when I was a kid, especially the Birth one!
557 days ago
LOL I can relate to 4/5 of these thingssssssss