15 Sleep over NEEDS

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  • Place 12
    Bring any board game you may have, big or small
  • Place 11
    Phone/iPad/computer act... chargers
    Bring a charger for any item that may need to be charged
  • Place 10
    Any electronic
    Contact family if you need/want to
    Play games
    Watch YouTube
    Use any apps

  • Place 9
    Any nightly medication
    Bring if it is NECESSARY in a baggie with a SINGLE dose
  • Place 8
    Well, I mean you need to clean your teeth with some besides water
  • Place 7
    Tooth brush
    To scrub you teeth

  • Place 6
    Bring extra cozy ones
  • Place 5
    Clothes for the next day
    Bring clothes for the next day, so you don't leave in pajamas
  • Place 4
    Hairbrush (if hair needs one)
    Bring a brush to get out all the tangles
  • Place 3
    Bring a pillow so your head can rest <3

  • Place 2
    In case you get cold
  • Place 1
    Bring food that you like if you are a picky eater

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