39 worst statements a teacher can make

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All teachers are eventually the same: they all have their standard talk and therefore their standard sentences (so the chance of hearing these things is VERY big).

  • Place 39
    Student: *comes to class, but a little bit too late*
    Teacher: Well, look who decided to come here!
  • Place 38
    Student: *is less than one minute too late for the first lesson*
    Teacher: Good afternoon to you, too!
  • Place 37
    If you can't be serious, you go to the principal.

  • Place 36
    Teacher: *makes a whistle sound while pointing at the door* The door is over THERE!
  • Place 35
    Teacher: *mentions stuff you will never need in your entire school career*
    Also teacher: You're gonna need those in your tests.
  • Place 34
    Dutch teachers that teach English: Don't speak en spiek niet! ('spieken' means 'cheating' and 'spiek' is pronounced the same as 'speak', the English translation of this sentence is 'Don't speak and no cheating!')

  • Place 33
  • Place 32
    Teacher (while folding his/her arms): Just continue talking, I'll wait.
  • Place 31
    Teacher: *whispers when a class won't shut up*
  • Place 30
    Student: Can I go to the toilet?
    Teacher: I don't know, can you?

  • Place 29
    Student: Can I go to the toilet?
    Teacher: Why didn't you go during break?
  • Place 28
  • Place 27
    You're a very good student, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut...
  • Place 26
    Teachers when they give so much homework it almost becomes lethal to make: You'll have the entire weekend to finish it, you've got all time.
  • Place 25
    Y'all can just read the paragraph yourself, I'll get myself some more coffee.
  • Place 24
    Teachers when none of their students give an answer to the question they just asked: You can't all talk at the same time.

  • Place 23
    Teacher: *points at dirty drawing/text on whiteboard* We'll go on with the lesson. AFTER I know who made this.
  • Place 22
    Who can help me remember, where did we stop yesterday?
  • Place 21
    Student: *is laughing with the person sitting next to him/her*
    Teacher: Can you please share this with the whole class? We can laugh along if you do so.
  • Place 20
    If I wake you up at midnight, you should know THESE things!

  • Place 19
    Bell: *rings*
    Students: *are about to leave*
    Teacher: The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do.
  • Place 18
    We will make up for this lost time during break.
  • Place 17
    This all depends on your own time.
  • Place 16
    Teacher: Why are you laughing?
    Student: Because (name of classmate) started it.
    Teacher: So... if (name of same classmate) jumps from a cliff, would you jump as well?
  • Place 15
    I'm here for you, not for myself. I already have my school diploma.
  • Place 14
    This all depends on yourself. I don't care if you don't finish your homework and have to do this year twice.

  • Place 13
    You like it here so much you want to do this year twice, or not?
  • Place 12
    Student: *doesn't pay attention for 0.002 seconds*
    Teacher: Are you saying you already know all this?
  • Place 11
    Come on, focus a little! I want to get my weekend, too!
  • Place 10
    Can you please pay attention? I don't want to explain everything twice.

  • Place 9
    Teacher: Can you please pay attention?
    Student: I WAS paying attention!
    Teacher: You were? Then what did I just say?
  • Place 8
    Student: I didn't even do anything.
    Teacher: No, that's the problem. I wish you did something.
  • Place 7
    8 what? Apples? Bananas?
  • Place 6
    Why are y'all packing already? We have ten more seconds to go, THEN the lesson would be over.
  • Place 5
    Teachers when they see one phone from a student who just wants to check the time: Get rid of those mobile monsters!
  • Place 4
    A chair has FOUR legs.
  • Place 3
    I don't care if you'll get detention, I'm here until 5 PM.
  • Place 2
    Do you want me to pretend I am a police officer?
  • Place 1
    GET OUT!

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274 days ago
This actually was going to be a top 40, but I forgot what the 40th statement was gonna be.
Here it is: Most teachers on a school trip: You're supposed to look with your eyes, not with your hands.