14 mind-blowing facts that you never thought of.

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These are things that you never thought about, and now you can't stop thinking about.

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    Coconuts kill more people than sharks in a year!
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    How far back in History do we have to go before we can start calling it archeology, not grave-digging?
  • Place 12
    A pregnant woman swimming is a living submarine!

  • Place 11
    It is called sand because it is halfway between the sea and the land!
  • Place 10
    The only part of your reflection that you can lick is your tongue!
  • Place 9
    The two E's in Bee are silent

  • Place 8
    You will never know what your handshake feels like.
  • Place 7
    If the thumb is not a finger, then there is no middle finger.
  • Place 6
    If you see a bald eagle in a zoo, then you are looking at the American symbol of freedom in captivity.
  • Place 5
    Humans are the only animals that have to pay to live.

  • Place 4
    Go to bed, you will feel better in the morning is the human version of turn it off than on again.
  • Place 3
    What if our use of emojis become so frequent that gradually go back to writing in hieroglyphics!
  • Place 2
    You buy trash cans to throw them away!
  • Place 1
    If two people on the exact opposite of the world drop a piece of bread simultaneously, the Earth briefly becomes a sandwich.

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310 days ago
ugh just thinking about that
anyway thanks bob
310 days ago
Your belly button is your old mouth
312 days ago
if anyone has more facts
please share them
314 days ago
another fact
everytime you pai nt the walls of your room it becomes smaller