Top 10 Things Girls Love! 💕

You are single and would like to finally have a girlfriend? You have a girlfriend, but you fight a lot, or maybe you are afraid to lose her?
Then there are probably a few things that you're not doing quite right or where a little more communication is needed. 😉
Girls always look for the same behaviors and character traits in guys, and it's not complicated at all if you know this and get a little practice. You can take the following tips to heart one by one, and I promise you that things will work out a lot better with the girls. 😜

  • Place 10
    Being hugged from behind. 😊
    Being hugged from behind. 😊
    I know a hell of a lot of girls who love it when the boy come up from behind and puts his arms around them. Kiss them on the neck for a bit of extra love. Take their hand and kiss it. Then the girls feel safe, and they get all warm. 💕
  • Place 9
    Well-groomed bodies. ☝
    It is very important that the guys are well-groomed, do not have greasy hair, teeth are brushed, and in no case should you stink! Make sure you smell good, you do not have to gel your hair or anything, but everybody should be hygienic!
  • Place 8
    Give her honest compliments!
    Give her honest compliments!
    If you find a girl really cute, give her serious compliments. But don't say that she has a "sexy ass" or "nice tits". No girl wants to hear that!
    Instead, say that her smile is cute, that she smells good, or that she has beautiful eyes. Compliment the clothes she wears, since that is something she actively chose. Or tell her how witty and intelligent she is. Then she will feel super comfortable around you! 😉

  • Place 7
    When you're texting:
    Dare to text her first, and don't tell her that you are regularly chatting with other girls, this just looks arrogant and will hurt her. It tells the girl that she is boring or nothing special. If you really like her, try to add emojis, for example "💓" as well... If she doesn't respond to this right away, that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like you 😉. She could just be very careful. And you can make her feel more comfortable and reassured by using emojis and responding kindly. Just show her that you care, don't play cool or hard to get.
    Very few girls will make the first move!
  • Place 6
    In the clique:
    In the clique:
    Guys, there are many things that girls love about guys. But that definitely doesn't include pretending to be someone else when his buddies are around. The girl will think she's embarrassing you, and that definitely can't happen! So be sure to be nice to her when you are out with your friends. Don't play it cool. Real men treat their women respectfully and don't pretend to be anything less in front of others.
  • Place 5
    You should fight for the girl!
    It sounds old-fashioned, but what girl wants a man who immediately throws everything away? NOT ONE!
    So fight for what you want, you're usually so good at that, and show her you really mean it, and don't give up right away. If she doesn't yield immediately the first time, she probably just wants to test if you really care about her, as long as she doesn't say you're sh** and looks disgusted, nothing is lost! 😄

  • Place 4
    On the subject of jealousy:
    On the subject of jealousy:
    Don't always say, "I don't care about anything..."
    Show jealousy sometimes too and that she is important to you, otherwise she will think you don't care about her. You don't have to be afraid that she will like you less if you are a little jealous. Or would you want her not to care about anything you do?
    So feel free to ask what she's up to or who she's seeing as long as you're not being controlling.
  • Place 3
    Be a gentleman!
    You don't have to pick her up in a limo or always wear a fancy shirt when you meet. It's more the little gestures that make the gentleman. Give her a nice compliment when you see each other, or give her your jacket when she's cold. (Don't ask, just do it! 😉)
    You can also hold the door open for her sometimes. Like I said, it's always the little things in everyday life that make you seem like a gentleman. Be a man!
  • Place 2
    Don't be a simp. ☝
    Don't be a simp. ☝
    Okay, despite all the tips, remember one thing! Don't become too much of a simp! That means don't overdo it, compliment her constantly, do her favors, be polite and dare to do something, but never too much of all that! It happens quickly that you cling to her like a monkey and every girl will take advantage of that, so if you have the feeling that she expects too much, seems vain and arrogant, and tries to take advantage of you, let her loose sometimes, don't answer her texts immediately. So that she notices that your world does not revolve only around her (even if it is so... 💕) Basically: have your own life and enjoy it.
    But also here you must not overdo it, because then she again thinks you are no longer interested and tries to forget about you! With time, you will find a balance, communicate it with her if you're worried about that.
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    The ultimate advice:
    The ultimate tip to get girls to notice you is to always take care of yourself first! Do sports, feel good and always have enough time for your hobbies. Make sure you live a life where you can be happy without a girl. Then girls will love you! Girls like guys who are independent and have their own lives. Make time for the girls, but don't make them the center of your life, then you'll be the center of THEIR lives real quick. 😉
    You want to be happy on your own in order to be happy in a relationship.
    Be yourself! Don't pretend!

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15 days ago
This website helped me the most for tips about having a girl. I completely do not think that 12 year olds like me should not , and I do Pilates right now. The ultimate advice will help me soooooo much. Thank you for sharing these stuff to us. I love girls too much, and I'm trying to control that so I don't have bad stuff happening in my life (e.g. breaking girls' hearts).

79 days ago
Jaime. they litterally said that this isnt a dating site....
not to be mean
120 days ago
Maybe you like me Fia since I am a boy.
133 days ago
Yea.. i can relate to many of these i just came here to c if there would be anything that i love since im a girl lmao