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The cutest quotes about friendship, love, and sweet moments

If there is one thing we should do in life, it is to love someone and share that love with others. Affection can be interpreted in many ways. Of course we feel love for our partner, but also for our family and friends. We want to put a smile on their faces, make them happy! What if we told you that's super easy to do with some cute quotes?

Careful! These quotes are so sweet, they might cause tooth decay!

Small sugar hearts with inscriptions love xoxo and soulmate

Sweet quotes to make your partner swoon

Sweet and romantic love quotes add spice to your relationship and will make your sweetheart feel wanted. For example, a quote sent via WhatsApp can brighten up a boring day at work. It's really the little things in life that make your heart beat faster. A short saying is enough to make you feel in love again, like it's the first day. Time to tell your lover how you admire their beautiful soul, how they inspire you to be more romantic.

  • Can I borrow a kiss from you? I'll be sure to give it back to you!
  • Can we please meet earlier in the next life?
  • Stunning should mean YOU in the dictionary.
  • Let's face it ... we're just better together.
  • If you didn't exist already – I'd invent you!
  • You can do no wrong in my eyes. You are perfect!
  • Every time I see you, I don't care about anything else.
  • For me, it's always been you.
  • In my life, you are the light. You give me warmth and confidence.
  • A day with you is like a bathtub full of champagne.
  • The most beautiful make-up you can wear is your smile.
  • My future will be great when you're with me.
  • In my mind, it's always you.
  • Before you, true love was just a myth.
  • A girlfriend / boyfriend like you is the greatest happiness on earth.
  • Love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow!
  • Your corners go well with my edges.
  • A message from you, a smile from me.
  • You are the sweetest temptation, even though chocolate exists!
  • No matter how strong I am, you will always be my weakness.
  • Being in love with you is not that hard. Being without you is impossible.
  • You are getting prettier every day and today you already look like next week.
  • You're my greatest treasure, there's no room for anyone else.
  • You are my favorite place when my mind is looking for peace.
  • Everyone has a definition of happiness. You are mine!
  • I may not be your first love, your first kiss, or your first date. But I want to be your last everything.
  • No map in the world could have ever led me to a treasure like you. I'm so glad I found you.
  • Your eyes twinkle like stars when you look at me. And nothing makes me happier.
  • You're like a beautiful melody that I can't get out of my head.
  • Calling me cute is nice, calling me hot is great, but calling me yours is all I want.

"If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love."

– Maya Angelou


"If I know what love is, it is because of you."

– Hermann Hesse


"Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. love truly. Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that makes you smile."

– Mark Twain


"My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness."

– André Breton


"You make me want to be a better man."

– Melvin Udall


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Sweet quotes with humor

Are you one of those people who find it hard to stay serious when it comes to such sugar-sweet expressions? After all, life is serious enough! Your girlfriend or boyfriend will appreciate you trying but you can make it easier for the both of you if you pick quotes with a bit of humor sprinkled on top. It'll still be cute and you don't have to worry about sounding uncomfortable and insincere.

Attention! Some of these quotes are perfect light-hearted flirt material!😉

  • You rob me of my sanity! But who needs it, really?
  • You're so cute, you give me cavities from kissing!
  • Is your daddy a baker? Cause you're such a cutie pie!
  • You're my happiness, you're my star. Even if you're crazy, I love you!
  • If you were a fruit, you'd be a 'fine-apple'.
  • You know what you would really beautiful in? My arms.
  • Do you ever get tired from running through my thoughts all night?
  • I'm here, you're there. One of us is in the wrong place.
  • Would you give me a pinch? You're so cute, I must be dreaming.
  • You don't always have to understand me. Loving me is enough.
  • I heard that kissing is the language of love. Would you care to have a conversation with me about it?
  • You are as sweet as Stuttgart without t.
  • Oh, I forgot to text my next girlfriend that I love her. Will you give me your number real quick?
  • On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?
  • Somebody call the fire department! You set my heart on fire!
  • I ought to complain to Spotify for you not being named this week's hottest single.
  • You're so sweet, I gotta watch my cholesterol around you.
  • I never believed in love at first sight, but that was before I saw you.
  • You're the cherry on top of the icing on my cake
  • I love you and without you, I can't be.
  • You are straight-up eye-candy, sweetheart!
  • Your hands look like my heart would fit nicely in your palm.
  • You're like a fine wine. The more of you I drink in, the better I feel.
  • I want only one thing from you ... your last name.

"True love is the only heart disease that is best left to 'run on' – the only affection of the heart for which there is no help, and none desired."

– Mark Twain


"Love is being stupid together."

– Paul Valery


"The effect of the indulgence of human affection is a certain cordial exhilaration."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Two young women holding each other laughing on beach

Love is...

... difficult to define. Until we are properly in love. And then it shows up everywhere. In a scent, in a sound, a wink, and the wind blowing through your hair. Cute love quotes that define love are something you can easily write yourself. Here are a few examples:

  • Love is sweet like the first bite of a strawberry.
  • Love is a stomach full of butterflies.
  • Love is losing your heart and yet knowing exactly where it is.
  • Love is watching Dirty Dancing with her even if it's for the third time.
  • Love is taking a step in the same direction.
  • Love is when no road is too long for you.
  • Love is irreplaceable.
  • Love is reaching for the stars together.
  • Love is when fighting is still easier than giving up.
  • Love is being alone sometimes, but not feeling alone.
  • Love is a serious disease, but unfortunately not contagious.
  • Love is trust.
  • Love is to wake up and realize that the night was not a dream.
  • Love is when the two of you only need one chair.
  • Love is a party for two.
  • Love is kissing you on the beach.
  • Love is letting the other person have the last piece of chocolate.
  • Love is four hands, two hearts, one beat.
  • Love is when reality is more beautiful than the dream.
  • Love is watching the sunset together.
  • Love is the way you look at me.

A pebble painted as a person gives another stone a paper heart

Editor's note: While researching, we also noticed suggestions like "Love is cleaning up after guys' night out," " up the dirty socks in the living room," and "Love is also helping her iron once in a while," and many more of the sort. Perhaps the absence of such negligent definitions was noticeable in our list. And that's a good thing, too. Because if this is love, we don't want to propagate this version of it. We offer the following alternative: "Love is sharing the household duties equally." Isn't that lovely?

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Sweet quotes for real friends

Friends deserve sweet quotes just as much as our partners. After all, true friendship has a similar and sometimes even stronger effect on one's state of mind than love. What we love about our friends is that they are always there for us, just a WhatsApp message away, offering advice, support and understanding. Clearly, they deserve a sweet friendship quote or two, don't they? You're sure to find some beautiful friend quotes on this list!

  • We're like two pieces of a puzzle: so different, yet we fit together perfectly.
  • A true friend is someone who's just as much of a clown as you are.
  • I like you not because of who you are, but for who I am when I'm with you.
  • It's called friendship because with friends you've always got wind in your sails.
  • If you're ever feeling lonely without me, imagine me hugging you tight!
  • Life is not perfect. But you are!
  • The right people can never annoy you!
  • Thank you for showing me what true friendship looks like.
  • The most important person in life is the one who stays when everyone else leaves.
  • Let's face it - we're just better together.
  • The most beautiful thing you can wear is your smile!
  • No road is too far for me when you are with me.
  • In my life I have everything, but everything is nothing if you are not with me.
  • Don't let your sparkle be taken away just because it blinds others.
  • Friendship is like love, but with common sense.
  • We are like Peter Pan. Haven't grown a bit, but we're cool as hell!
  • Best friends are to life what chocolate chips are to cookies.
  • For you I would move mountains, I would never hurt you. For you I would risk everything, because I don't want to lose you.
  • I longed for a good friend. Found the best one.
  • You remind me of who I really am.
  • Even when the whole world is against you, I'm on your side.
  • You make me laugh even when I feel like crying.
  • Friendship is when you don't have to say anything and yet the other person understands what you mean.
  • You inspire me to be my best self.
  • I've never met a more loving person than you.
  • My soul and your soul are very old friends.
  • The simplicity of our friendship fits perfectly with my laziness!
  • The most beautiful moment in life is when you realize that you are spending it with the right person.
  • You're like a four-leaf clover and I'm so lucky I found you!
  • You're funny, smart, and full of wisdom. Thank you for being a good friend.
  • Your face makes me happy.
  • A best friend is like a great love. Only better.
  • You don't change me, you improve me!
  • Time doesn't heal wounds. The right people heal them.
  • You are my rock!
  • You are so beautiful! Inside and out!
  • No matter what time has done to us... I thank you for all the times you laughed with me.
  • A flower blooms only for a short time. Our friendship blooms forever.
  • We'll be old ladies causing trouble in the nursing home.
  • You are a true friend. And I didn't even have to bite you to find out your worth.
  • I'd go to the end of the earth with you.
  • Who needs WhatsApp when we can communicate via telepathy.
  • We may not be siblings by birth, but we are siblings by choice!
  • With you, everything is possible!
  • One day with you is like a whole week of vacation!
  • We love each other like brothers and sisters. Fortunately, we don't quarrel like them!

"If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love."

– Maya Angelou


"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world."

– Dr. Seuss


"I get by with a little help from my friends."

– The Beatles


"Life is nothing without friendship."

– Cicero


"What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it."

– C.S. Lewis


"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

– Eleanor Roosevelt


"A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails."

– Donna Roberts


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