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Do I Like Him?

Does My Crush Like Me Back? (For girls ages 10-13) 😘😍😄

Does My Crush Like Me Back? (For girls ages 10-13) 😘😍😄

Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me?

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3 days ago
DOES HE LIKE ME?!?! Okay so my crush last night I told him I liked him on roblox and I said do you like me? And he said yea but not like like but I'm thinking about how he's always so nice to me and how he's my best friend and how I kissed him in kindergarten on the cheek and he didn't move away and I'm think does he like me?
5 days ago
Hey guys could you please take a look at some of my tests and fanfics?? Thanks so much l made a new test called "Which NEW Lego Movie 2 character are you?" it's my favorite test so far so if you have any time please take it 😊🙏
17 days ago
Please give me ice cream. Im craving.
21 days ago
i have officially decided that ive got a crush called Leon Gibbons who goes 2 rmgs in england, kent, medway, rainham.
he is in yr 7, L7.
plz dont stalk him
24 days ago
Hi. I Need some help.... today at the end of the day my crush was asking me something and saying I’m his best friend and I said no and he said pls I love u and my bff and I were like OMG and then he kept repeating it and he said it to My bff too and then he said I love u as a friend and then he said I love u as a girl friend over and over and Me friend was like ok well I’m officially breaking up with u. Also once when we were texting I said I’m awesome and he said no your not and I said how rude and he said fine your the best ❤️ Will u marry me (and he has a joke abt the marry thing cuz at lunch once he asked everyone if they would marry him).

31 days ago
Y is it that every time I comment I come back and see that it’s gone???? (Btw this isn’t my usual name I just feel like changing it up ya know??)
38 days ago
I've been chatting here (on and off) for 2 years
41 days ago
Hi peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
41 days ago
Hi! Anyone online?????????
44 days ago
46 days ago
Ive been gone for a year, back now xD I know this part of the site is still not for me, but glad to see its been changed positively, theres a variety of quizzes and more activity in the comments, as well as the *disclaimer* before you type a comment

So yeah... hi girls, enjoy your improved part of the website xD

see ya in a year,
46 days ago
No prob it's what I do and want to talk to me more? Check me out on YouTube my name is Georgia Mia
46 days ago
Thank you for ur help Georgia Mia xx
47 days ago
Destiny then I completely understand you have to choose friends and some people aren't worth choosing
47 days ago
50 days ago
Yes g ikr all the girls quizzes r about boys or things like bra’s and things like that
Awkward fham
50 days ago
Bruuuuu this is sooo wierd!
52 days ago
Lol trinity ye ik that can b awkward bruv
56 days ago
Ok why is there a quiz on here that say ARE YOU READY FOR A REAL BRA
Come on bro that's awkward
57 days ago
She’s had so many chances tho Georgia Mia
This isn’t the first time something like this has happened