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Are You Falling For Him? (GIRLS)

Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me?

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39 days ago
You go girl x I think that you must feel a lot better now that u have finally got somethings of ur mind
39 days ago
Thx @Yooo x my friend now understands as I told him yesterday and I explained to my bf x
39 days ago
oh it’s fine
39 days ago
I’m not good on relationships but I would love to help you if I could @unknown xxxsorry
40 days ago
My best friend that is a boy rlly likes me and yes he spoke to me about it but I think that if we go out then it could ruin the amazing friendship we have now and I don’t want that to shown as I like it how it is now x I spoke to him about it and hope he understands...he started to like this girl called Emily but I don’t know about her,I just get a weird vibe.Me and her used to b besties and go to school together but we kinda moved on.My bestie has started to get annoyed at her tho as she keeps saying she likes him but she flirts a lot so I don’t think he feels the same way about her tho x I have a bf but I rlly don’t think it’s working but he’s in love with me x I’ve tried to b nice and tell him but he just doesn’t understand..pls help x
43 days ago
Please guys pleaseeeeeee answer me!
44 days ago
Should I ask him tommorow? Should I tell him that I like him? And ask if he likes me back?
44 days ago
Thanks so much Connie I think it will just be easier to say there real names so Roy is Brady and Cam is Aubrey
45 days ago
@someone to be honest this is a sticky situation. I know you like him and he might like you too, but because you have known each other since you were little he could love you like a sister, maybe If you show him that u like him like that so maybe flirt with him and compliment him. You could also ask him about Cam ask if he likes her? As you and him are close u can ask him questions like that but be careful don’t be too direct because this can effect your friendship.
46 days ago
Ok guys so this guy im calling him Roy so Roy has been my best friend since like preschool and he's only a few days older then me like 1 1/2 so I always felt close to him and then I started liking him and hanging out with him at school because nobody was my friend and so time passed and we became closer and closer and I started having a crush on him and this year he went to another school but I'll see him next year but it's still so hard even though it's April and I know he has a crush on one of my good friends let's call her Cam so yeah I think he likes Cam a lot but he just be faking to make me jealous and I mean like he's never really hung at with her at school or home so yeah but he hangs out with me or ues to at school so I don't know please help me with this
46 days ago
I will add my story later
46 days ago
My best friend is a boy and I'm a girl. I like like my friend like a lot but I don't know if I should tell him. He's been my friend forever and I've always liked him. Sometimes we end up being at the same place at the same time and talking for what feels like hours. I like him so much and think he likes me back but is afraid to find out because he might think I'm gross! Help!
50 days ago
I like this guy and his name is Cayd. No, I think im in love with this guy its been 9 months and I still have feeling for him. I finally told my friends and they already have their ship name- Caylah! But we qrent dating but one of my besties is getting him as her friend and she know- my friends are hers. Her friends are mine.
50 days ago
You sound just like my friend! She really likes a guy named Hunter. He knows now though and he liked her back but now they keep fighting. Im not sure how to fix it though.
58 days ago
61 days ago
Huntlen! It’s perfect! (Also congrats!)
74 days ago
Soo i took one of the quizzes and it said I should ask him out so I was going to but he asked me out first!!!!!!!!!!!! He already has a nickname for me... RED TOMATO! can you guess why? his name is Hunter and mine is Caitlen I wonder what our ship name is
87 days ago
School in the Lake Washington School district was canceled for a whole week because of snow, so we didn't have school on valentines day.
87 days ago
They don't have any 'does she like me' tests for girls... I'm really sad now.
89 days ago
If you think he likes you and you like him then just ask him out😉👬💑